Saturday, October 8, 2011


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Historical courses and recourses. The legendary New York eighties garage scene, which among others, introduced us to the Outta Place, Fuzztones, Vipers, Tryfles, relive with new actors. In fact, something like a new garage punk scene seem to appear on the horizon of the 'apple'. Small stuff, still, yet promising – which for now revolves around the Killer Diller record label. They recently published three EP's of such sensations, which are absolutely worth following.

First are ORGANS, lead by Mr. Brian Chillemi. Their EP it's a declaration of war and it is titled 'Get It Right'. There's three of them, and they make a hellish noise. Over rumbling and reverbed cramps-like rhythm, they get as crazy as furies. 'Get it Right' (the song) is a Bo Diddley-ish blues punk with harmonica, reminiscing of the early Pretty Things. Just like the very new york-ish 'Going Home', as it echoes Lou Reed's Primitives (1965), while 'Long Lonesome Love Road Song' is a battered old road dirty folk song with a frenetic slide-blues drive. The EP ends with 'crampsian' flashes and reverbs: 'Girl I'm Thinking Of'.
Enclosed with the record there's even a flexi-disc for free. I would travel a hundred miles to get and see them live.

Since we have mentioned The Cramps, there's no better way to introduce you to TWIN GUNS, another 45 rpm record from Killer Diller. They are in two, Andrea Sicco on guitar, and Jim Chandler on drums. A classic duo, like the Mojomatics, which sink roots in Link Wray's darkness and the most cramps-like ferociousness. With a 'noir' emphasis that is even reminiscent of some stuff from... Bauhaus. Pure rock and roll tribalism dressed in leather-covered twang. Memories of violent and forgotten 1950's. Here and now.

The third 45 rpm is really... a mini album. In a 7' format, with five songs of such new groups for each side: AaVv. 'Wild About Jenkem', a sour juice of minor and roughly recorded rock and roll/rockabilly, between reverbs, slips and howls (Hasil Adkins!), rude and ungrammatical punk rock, garage r'n'r blues and Cramps. All distributed in ten tracks. From the distorted garage of LiveFastDie to the '77 punk rock of the Back CCs, to the b-movie sci-fi punk, Human Eye style, of Wizzard Sleeve. All of the tracks are mastered by the resurrected Tim Warren. (

-Claudio Sorge

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